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 Kelanash  'Scissor case"
This Kelanash scissor case is an exciting new development for Kelanash Designs. The gorgeous cas..
Ex Tax: £12.99
Cathrine  "Cuff" Bracelet (Basket weave and square)
“Cuff ” Bracelet using the Basket weave and Square weave .  Just £16.99 “WOW” what a brac..
Ex Tax: £16.99
"Cuff" Bracelet (Basket weave) Advanced
“Cuff ” Bracelet  Just £24.99 “WOW” what a bracelet, When making this design Irene has ha..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Annie "Cuff" Bracelet (Basket weave)
“Cuff ” Bracelet using the Basket weave.  Just £16.99 “WOW” what a bracelet, When making ..
Ex Tax: £16.99
Button Flower Brooch (1only in kit ) Great for starter kits
Button Flower Brooch will enable you to create a unique and distinctive brooch.  When..
Ex Tax: £5.99
Kelanash Poppy Brooch 3 Strand Round Weave
The ‘Poppy’ is the iconic symbol of remembrance. The staff behind Kelanash Designs have a long and p..
Ex Tax: £9.99
Love Knot  Bracelet
  'Love knot' Bracelet   This 'Love Knot' Bracelet is a quick easy and..
Ex Tax: £5.99
"Entwind Bracelet
“Entwind” Bracelet  Just £12.99 “WOW” what a bracelet, entwining 5 different colours toge..
Ex Tax: £12.99
 Olly the Owl Brooch Large (Great to wear on a coat or Handbag)
Olly the Owl is an exciting new development for Kelanash Designs. The gorgeous brooch combines both ..
Ex Tax: £10.99
Denise Necklace and Bracelet set ( with a bead design to learn)
“Denise” a stunning classic design. Necklace and Bracelet set. ‘Denise’ another one of Irene..
Ex Tax: £19.99
Donna Necklace (A stunning long necklace with basic beads to learn)
“Donna” a stunning classic design long necklace. ‘Donna’ is one of Irene's latest designs and dev..
Ex Tax: £19.99
Penni Pearl Necklace & Bracelet Bead Set ( Great effecitve bead designs perfect for the beginner)
 ‘Penni’ Pearl saw her debut live on Create and Craft TV on 8th March 2015. 'Penni' furthe..
Ex Tax: £17.99