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Hints & Tips

Kelanash Designs Top Tips

Understanding the Kelanash unique & distinctive weave can be easier if you take a little time to read our Top Tips.

Note: For the Kelanash 3 Strand Round Foundation weave place one ribbon at 12, one at 4 & one at 8 o’clock.

  1. Please take a little time to read the instructions from your design kit.
  2. Before you start weaving, iron out any creases in the ribbon that may have been caused during packing & transportation.
  3. At the start of the weave, hold the knot in the tips of your middle finger & thumb, leaving the index finger free.
  4. Set up: Visulalise a clock face. Place a ribbon at 12 o’clock, one at 3, one at 6 & one at 9 o’clock (as image in your instructions). This makes it easier to see & organise your weave.
  5. Look at the weave from a bird’s eye perspective.
  6. Follow the weaving instructions from your design kit.
  7. When starting the weave you may wish to make a larger loop with the 12 o’clock ribbon. This helps to identify the starting point & helps when placing the final ribbon through the 12 to complete the cycle.
  8. Apply a little pressure with your free index finger as you pull the ribbons flat & neat.
  9. Keep the ribbons flat, neat & untwisted.
  10. When gauging the tension of the weave, each ribbon should sit next to the other. Flat & neat with no gaps & no hole in the centre of the weave.
  11. Managing long ribbons:
    • Make a loop with your first ribbon (12 o’clock)
    • Loop or flick over the next two ribbons as per instructions
    • Take the last ribbon & working down from the knot, 4 to 5 inches (approx), make a loop around your index finger
    • Place that loop through the first looped ribbon (12 o’clock) & pull through
    • The four ribbons are now connected. Pull the ribbons flat & neat
    • As you weave, the ribbons will gradually become shorter & therefore more manageable.
  12. Regularly check your work for twists and ribbon not sitting correctly. If you make a mistake simply unwind the ribbons.
  13. The team at Kelanash Designs Ltd are always keen to help & offer support. Please do not hesitate to contact Irene or the team at the following:
  •  Telephone
07733 376466
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Best way to learn the Kelanash skills are to learn together

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